12 Nisan 2010 Pazartesi

Derin konu...


Today, I will write about "deep subject"...
So I have to write in English...pardon...

- - - - -

I think many people know a movie which have got American Academy Award, about "catching dolphins" in Japan.

I don't watch this movie yet, so I can't say anything about this movie, but I want to write about something about kinds of like this subject.

In the world, many people are talking about problem of "catching whales", not only dolphins ...

I think, maybe right now, you are thinking

"oh, my god! Japanese are eating whales and dolphins!! what the ****."

But PLEASE let me say this...

For us, Japanese,

it is very important culture to eat whales or dolphins.

Of course, even if "this is culture", all Japanese people don't eat them.

To tell you the truth,I've never eaten dolphins...but I don't think "I will not eat".
(at least at this moment)

Anyway, what I want to ask you,

"What is the REAL reason you oppose about catching dolphins or whales"???

Of course, even if "this is culture", I strongly oppose to catch "Endangered species".
So if the real reason you are opposing about them is this, I think it's PURE reason, I can understand.

Acutually, the whales were almost extinguished once,
because we caught them too much. I know this.

But after we decrease to catch them, they are back.

And, American people were always saying "Don't kill whales!",
but they also catch them !!!

This is true. you know that?

Anyway, if the reasons are....
for example,

"Because they(dolphins or whales) are very smart animals"

"Because to catch them is savage"

or something like that,
honestly I think it's strange...

The reason we can kill animals or we can't kill animals,

"We can't kill them, because they are smart animals.".....

I think this mean,

"We can kill them, because they are not smart."


Don't you think this is strange ???

Don't you think this is stupid ???

Don't you think this is human's selfish reason ???

I mean,

Every living being on the planet is "equality","same"...I think.

If I can say, I want to say this,

"For God, everything is same."

"The worth of life is equality."

Yes, we, human is an animal who can't live without killing other living beings...

We are kind like "sinful" and "guilty" animal...

Even if vegetarians are same.

We can't kill animals, but we can kill vegetable ???

Then vegetables are not living beings ???

You really think so ???

Some people reject or criticize about culture they don't know or they don't have.

It happens often.

I know this and I understand this.

But I don't want to be a people like that.

For example,

when I visit other country, I really enjoyed to touch their culture.

What they wear, what they eat, what they drink, what they talk, how is their characters, how is their life....like this.

When I visited Turkey, there were many,many the first experences for me, I was very surprised, but enjoyed very much, that was very, very precious experence for my life!

This is my one of the most important property of my life.

Muslim don't eat pork, I know the reason and I understand.

Hindu don't eat beef, I know the reason and I understand.

People of some part of China and Korea eat dogs and cats.

I don't know the reason and I can't eat them and I will not eat them.

But if to eat them is their real culture and history, and if they don't constrain to other people, I will not deny about their culture.

I respect other cultures.

And, very popular foods in Turkey "kokoreç"...

When I ate kokoreç in Turkey, I was very impressive!

It was amazing!

Unbelievable tasty!!!

So I swear I will eat it again when I visit Turkey next time,too.

Kokoreç is one of the best food in the world.

You should be proud of yourself...:))

But I heard some people in Europe deny or criticize about this food.
This means they deny and criticize about Turkish culture,I think.

And, also I heard one of the reason Turkey can't join EU is Kokoreç.

Is this true???

If this is true, I think this is very stupid, foolish reason.

What do you think about this?

How do you think about this?

We didn't eat beef before.

After people from outside of Japan came, they were eating beef front of Japanese, when we saw that, we said, "They are savage!"

But now, we are eating beef, we love beef.

Japanese Beef is very famous in the world, you know.

The history like this is "culture".

And you already know,

Japan is very small country, and is surrounded by the sea.

In that small country, we have to eat something in the sea to live.

We have a word "blessing from the sea" in Japanese.

"How can we get blessing from the sea to live?",
our ancestor had been thinking very deeply like this, and they created and built our culture...

Not only us, every country's culture had been created and built like this way, I think.

History is bulding culture.

I mean,

whales and dolphins are same for us.

In the our history, they are very important.

I think "foods is culture and also art".

The whale cooking created in the long our history is the very art.

I'm not saying "please try whales".

(but of course if you want to try,I'm so glad...)

I just want to say,

Japan, a very few country in the world catching whales...

There are some people, some coutries saying "Don't kill whales!" with wrong reason, like "to criticize catching whales means to criticize Japan"!!!

This is true but I think they are wrong...

So I just want them to stop criticizing without real reason, right reason, and basis.

I think, it is very important to have attitude trying to know other countory's culture at first.

I'm saying again.

We, human is an animal who can't live without killing other living beings.

We are sinful, guilty animal.

That's why we have to know ourselves, we have to live strongly, and we have to thank God,...

Pardon ve Görüşürüz...

---If you read this and you become angry,I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. But this is my honest idea. Please just understand this.

---maybe I made many mistakes about English grammars...I'm so sorry.

Please let me know when you find mistakes or some hard to understand words...thank you