23 Mart 2012 Cuma

Soru ve Hediye

Herkese Merhaba !

It's been a loooooong time...
I'm very,very busy and dead tired.
So I will write in English today.
(I can't think in Türkçe)

Everytime thank you very much for the comment
for serrose and me :)

So today I want to do something.

I will give you some questions.
if you send me a answer,you can get small prize :)

OK,here we go!

Question 1

There is a work.
If Serrose do this work,she can finish in 20 days.
If Japonbalık do this work, he can finish in 30 days.

So, if Serrose and Japonbalık do this work together,

How many days does it takes ???

Question 2

Serrose went to a market.
She bought 30 drinks,
2 TL's juice and 1 TL's water.

She paid 50 TL, she received 8 TL as a change.

How many waters did she buy ?

Question 3

Migros is 200m North of "station A",
and 100m East of Tansaş.
Kipa is 300m North of "station A",
200m East of "station B".

Which direction is "station B" from Tansaş ?

In Japan, we usually have to take test for joining company
like these questions.
These questions are very easy for students,
but very, very difficult for people
many years after graduation like me...:(((

And usually we don't have time to think at all.
About 1 minute for 1 question.

Of course I took the test like this
when I joined company I'm working now ;)))

Rules and Conditions

1. Please answer on the comment.
(but I will not open comments before I pick winner :) )

2. You can answer in English or Türkçe

3. If you have question about these questions,
ask me on twitter (@yoshijaponbalik)
but I can't answer back quickly.

4. You can answer only once.
Please don't answer many times.

5. Please send me a answer until end of this month.
After that, I will pick correct answer
or komik answer ... hahaha

And I will open your answer on here.
(your answer and your nickname)

After I pick someone, I will let you know.

6. So for getting small prize,
you have to send me your email address,real name,address,
and phonenumber on twitter.

7. I will send a small prize by small packet as soon as possible,
but I can't promise when.

Of course you don't need shipping cost,
but you may need to go to customs and pay tariff.
(I don't know about law of Turkey...)

8. At this moment, only 1 person can get prize.

9. I'm glad if you follow me when you answer...


"a small prize" is .....


" Xperia Ray "

A small smartphone.
(New, not used)
Of course this is Japanese model,
but SIM free,3G,GSM.

and Türkçe var.

111mm * 53mm * 9.4mm
display : 3.3 in.
OS: Android 2.3
camera: 8.1 Mpixel
color: white

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