19 Kasım 2008 Çarşamba

question : soru


Today, I have a question...can you help me???

"aşkım" means "my love" isn't it?


how about "fok" ???

" foğum "


" fokum "

I tried to find a answer, but I couldn't...


I know this is strange question,

because nobody say "my fok" değil mi? hahaha

lütfen bana yardım edin

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sermoon dedi ki...

fokum to omoimasu...
fokum benim fokum
evet evet fokum fokum :)))

japonbalık dedi ki...

sermoon san,
çok teşekkür ederim.
anladım desu!
fokum fokum♪♪♪

MoonSun dedi ki...

Hi Japon Balik :)) It's Moonish from Miami, I'm one of SerRose's (blogger) friend :))

Hey don't worry, I know Turkish is difficult to learn but Turkish words takes suffixes such as Japanise words :)) aren't I right ??? :)

By the way, you are quick learner,that's amazing how you learn these words such short time:) your Turkish is "muhtesem", "harika",... :))

Take good care of Serrose please :))

bookworm dedi ki...

Hi Japon balık :) ohhh what a preety dog!!

japonbalık dedi ki...

sevgili MoonSun,
Hello,of course she told me about you.
and I'm so sorry for writing back sooo late...

yes,suffixes are make me crazy!
çok zor! hahaha

thank you very much! but of course I can't read and write turkce without her help...anyway I will do my best,and also please help me.

take care

japonbalık dedi ki...

sevgili bookworm,
teşekkür ederim,he is my son! hahaha

MoonSun dedi ki...

her zaman yardima hazirim sevgili japon balik, Serrose'u benim icin op :)

japonbalık dedi ki...

sevgili MoonSun,
çok çok teşekkür ederim!
tabii I will...^^