4 Nisan 2012 Çarşamba

Teşekkür Ederim !!!


Thank you very,very much for the many,many comments!!!

But I have to say this,,,

At this moment, I don't pick the winner yet.....

Because I got unbelievable many answers...

I'm so surprised.

So I think I need a little bit more time.

I'm sooooo sorry.

Before I pick the winner and open on here,

I wanna say this.

1. Thank you very much for spending your time
to think and send the answer.
I'm so glad.

2. Thank you very much for following my blog and twitter.
I know I wish if I can write all my blog and twitter in Türkçe :(((

3. Now,it is Spring, so I closed to be accepted the answer.
So from now on,I can't be accepted the answer even if you send the answer.

And I will open your answer on the comment after I pick the winner,
but I will not open some comments without your name ... sorry

4. Some friends sent us some advises,
"You can't send cell-phone to Turkey because of Turkish rules.",
yes, you are right.
Honestly,I didn't know this.

I'm so sorry and thank you for your advises.

But please don't worry,
I found how to send cell-phone and of course it is not illegal way.
So the winner can get Xperia Ray.

I wanna say again,
Thank you very,very much for your advises.

please wait for a little bit more time to open the winner.

I think I can let you know 1 week after.


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fISHOZON dedi ki...

Hi Japon Balık I'm from Turkey. I need your answer so much. Because I watched an anime (DEATH NOTE) and I love it. The problem is there are lots of anime on internet. And I want to watch another anime. But I don't want to waste time with searching a good, intlligent anime. If you know Death Note may you advice some animes like it.